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My Review of 2016

My review of 2016 is very brief, because I have presents to wrap, and so do you. This year has had many high points. Finishing my breast cancer treatment was one, and going straight into the Read Regional library tour was another. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet readers and library staff across the

National Libraries Day

It’s National Libraries Day and what better day to announce that I’m thrilled to be one of ten authors taking part in Read Regional, a programme of events in libraries across the North of England. My events page has a full list of the libraries I’ll be visiting, as well as an update on some other

Reading Writing and Balance

I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately. The phrase work-life balance is hard to apply to writers, or most people in the creative industries, (or teachers, or doctors, or nurses for that matter). Actually it’s a pretty redundant term, unless you have recently been made redundant, in which case you have my utmost sympathy,