My Review of 2016

My review of 2016 is very brief, because I have presents to wrap, and so do you. This year has had many high points. Finishing my breast cancer treatment was one, and going straight into the Read Regional library tour was another. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet readers and library staff across the

My Holiday Reads

I’ve just had a week away in sunny Bulgaria. There was a pool at the hotel, a sea view and time to read: bliss. I started my first holiday read just before I left, and it sustained me on the plane and through the first day of learning the sunbed etiquette, and trying not to

National Libraries Day

It’s National Libraries Day and what better day to announce that I’m thrilled to be one of ten authors taking part in Read Regional, a programme of events in libraries across the North of England. My events page has a full list of the libraries I’ll be visiting, as well as an update on some other

Breaking news: TV Deal for Sean Denton

It’s wonderful to be able to share this breaking news of a TV Deal for the Sean Denton series of novels. The rights for To Catch a Rabbit and Bones in the Nest have been snapped up by Red Planet Pictures, the production company behind Death in Paradise (a series I absolutely love, like Poirot but with

Top New Yorkshire Novel

On Saturday October 17th, the Yorkshire Post Magazine was devoted to celebrating contemporary fiction and the New Yorkshire novel. They published their list of the best Yorkshire novels written since the turn of the millennium. I was over-joyed to see To Catch a Rabbit in that list, among novels by stellar names such as Kate

100 Reviews for Amazon Rising Star!

I was delighted to be picked as an Amazon Rising Star for January 2015. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the number of reviews of To Catch a Rabbit on Amazon had crept up into the 90s, so I posted on my Facebook page that I would jump for joy when I scored a full

Publication Day

Today is publication day for To Catch a Rabbit in its new edition. I've got two copies of the book right next to me on the kitchen table and my seventeen year-old son has just come in and picked one up. 'Nice texture,' he says. He reads the back cover and asks a question about

The rabbit’s whiskers

As I write, To Catch a Rabbit is finding its way back into shops and online warehouses ready for its re-release on January 22nd and I have been overtaken by a combination of excitement, fear and (not going to apologise for it) happiness. If it was a dream come true to have my debut novel