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Richmond Walking & Book Festival

photo by David Walker Both last Saturday, and the Saturday before, I made the scenic journey from York to Richmond, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales to appear at Books and Boots, Richmond’s Festival of Walking and Books. I chose the scenic route because it was important to avoid the direct route, the A1, unless I

Poetry for difficult times

Before I wrote crime fiction, my first published work was poetry. I still read poetry regularly and this year I was determined to write some more and submit it for publication. I was delighted this week to see that a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, has been published on the Writers For Calais website. You

Writing, Reading and Walking

Writing September is the true New Year. Decades of the UK English education system, as a pupil, a student, an actor working in educational theatre, a teacher, and finally a parent, have made me look at the changing colours of the leaves and feel the stirrings of new beginnings, or at least another New Year’s

Publication Day and beyond!

What a day it was! Ninety people squeezed into the downstairs of York Waterstones, listened to a talk and a reading, and then challenged me with great questions in the Q and A. The pile of copies of Bones in the Nest soon vanished and the store sold out. My hand ached from signing and

100 Reviews for Amazon Rising Star!

I was delighted to be picked as an Amazon Rising Star for January 2015. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the number of reviews of To Catch a Rabbit on Amazon had crept up into the 90s, so I posted on my Facebook page that I would jump for joy when I scored a full

Fêtes to Festivals

I mentioned in my last post (I know, three months ago, I’m sorry) how much I enjoy doing writer events. This post is a whistle-stop tour of some of the things I’ve been up to. Most recently, I had a cracking day at my local park at The Glen Gardens Centenary Fair, meeting readers during

Reading Writing and Balance

I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately. The phrase work-life balance is hard to apply to writers, or most people in the creative industries, (or teachers, or doctors, or nurses for that matter). Actually it’s a pretty redundant term, unless you have recently been made redundant, in which case you have my utmost sympathy,

Publication Day

Today is publication day for To Catch a Rabbit in its new edition. I've got two copies of the book right next to me on the kitchen table and my seventeen year-old son has just come in and picked one up. 'Nice texture,' he says. He reads the back cover and asks a question about

The rabbit’s whiskers

As I write, To Catch a Rabbit is finding its way back into shops and online warehouses ready for its re-release on January 22nd and I have been overtaken by a combination of excitement, fear and (not going to apologise for it) happiness. If it was a dream come true to have my debut novel