It’s with great happiness that I’m announcing my first poetry collection, which is being published in November with the excellent Valley Press. The title is Forever, Now, which comes from an Emily Dickinson line, ‘Forever is Composed of Nows.’ Some of the poems are new, but most were written over the last twelve years, including the first poem I wrote in Carole Bromley‘s amazing writing class. This was the class that set me on the path to becoming a professional writer.

I’ve been thinking about the overlap between poetry and crime fiction. I’ve written a series of crime poems, stories of people who’ve come unstuck, or become victims of crime. I’d like to think that these follow the tradition of the ballads about criminal acts that were sung from village to village, before the days of newspapers. Other poems are more autobiographical, and many are a combination of fiction and truth. I think that’s where another similarity resides. The truth, in all literature, isn’t in facts, it’s in emotional truth.

There is a forensic process of editing in poetry, where every word and every comma counts. I have enjoyed re-visiting older poems, tweaking them, changing titles and endings. (Endings are so important, in both genres). I hope these poems stand as a legacy to my writing, the underlying work on which I built the scaffolding of my fiction.

You can find out more about the collection and Valley Press here.