As I write, To Catch a Rabbit is finding its way back into shops and online warehouses ready for its re-release on January 22nd and I have been overtaken by a combination of excitement, fear and (not going to apologise for it) happiness. If it was a dream come true to have my debut novel published, then it is even more flipping fantastic to see it with a bigger publisher and a sequel planned for summer publication. There is something in the British psyche that means we are brought up to play things down, not to get ahead of ourselves; so I’ve taken each moment as it comes and when I have actually whooped out loud, I’ve tried to do it indoors. Yesterday I let out such a loud whoop that the cats hid behind the sofa, but I’d just been told that WHSmith would be stocking the book as part of a special promotion in their high street, airport and station book stores and that Waterstones would be including it in their buy-one-get-one-half-price promotion. Hence the happiness and the excitement, but what about the fear? Like every published author who ever published a book, the fear is….    …no, I’m not going to go there, I’m going to find a positive thinking, online TED talk, or something that reminds me to feel the fear and do it anyway, while the rabbit twitches its whiskers and hovers in the mouth of his burrow, ready to be released into the wild again. If you see him, pick him up and give him a home. To Catch a rabbit