It’s wonderful to be able to share this breaking news of a TV Deal for the Sean Denton series of novels. The rights for To Catch a Rabbit and Bones in the Neshave been snapped up by Red Planet Pictures, the production company behind Death in Paradise (a series I absolutely love, like Poirot but with Caribbean culture and beach cocktails).

After WHSmith readers voted To Catch a Rabbit one of the books they’d most like to see on screen, this is the next step towards seeing Sean Denton’s world televised. The series has the working title, Chasebridge, after Sean’s home estate where much of the action takes place.

Who would you cast as Sean Denton? My own total fantasy casting ideas are pretty varied. I’m not sure if he does acting, but I reckon One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson looks and sounds pretty good for Sean, and if I had an unlimited budget, I’d have George Clooney as Charlie Moon. My husband wants to see comedian Stewart Lee as Barry Burger King, and I have a number of actress friends queuing up to play Nan. (They see Nan as a funky, young nan, I should add). I’d love to know, who’s your favourite character, and who would you like to see play them?

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